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Dragon's Tongue

Was: US$49.99
Now: US$32.99
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Please take note of this 100% hand-painted product, so turn around time will be around 1 ~ 2 weeks.
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Was: US$49.99
Now: US$32.99

Measuring just 3in x 2in, the Dragon's Tongue will provide a coral ledge of epic proportions for your Mini Complete Tank.   


This magnetic ledge is designed with proportionality in mind.  

There is no need to struggle with live rock rubble that just looks out of place.  


Covered in zoa's or paly's, the Dragon's Tongue will bring a deceptively grand scale to a truly tiny space.  


Frequent maintenance is more important for this tank than any other.  


That means it needs to be convenient as possible.  

Simply remove the Dragon's Tongue when its time to clean the tank and place it back when you are done.  It's a snap...


Finally, mix and match the Dragon's Tongue with other NanoRox Mini Complete Tank designs and change the aquascape as easily and as often as you like.   


Don't have a Mini Complete Tank?

That's OK because this tiny ledge can be used in any pico reef of similar size.

 The only limit is your imagination.

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100% hand-color: Realistic Colors are Priority One

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