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Mini Heater

Was: US$22.90
Now: US$18.90
Usually ships within 3-5 business days
US$6.90 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Was: US$22.90
Now: US$18.90
Power: 7.5 W (220vAC / 110VAC) - 2-pins China plug. (Socket Adapter might be required for certain countries.

Compatible with Mini Complete Tank.

Built-in with 25°C (77°F) temperature controller.

Recommend to use it when water temperatures is between to 18~20°C (64.4~68°F) with a thermometer;

or to be accurate, it works perfectly with a external temperature controller.

  1. The heater comes with a 25 degrees built-in temperature controller, but cannot be adjusted, usually the built-in temperature controller is not very accurate, when the room temperature is higher than 20, it may be heated to 30 degrees or higher, especially at the small volume of the water.
  2. It's highly advisable to get an external temperature controller for the mini heater to prevent over heated issue.  (Get get this from Amazon:
  3. The heater power is only 7.5W.
  4. The power of the heater is relatively low.
  5. When the room temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the heating may be insufficient. The bottom tank may be insulated by a bubble film or a carton.
  6. Customers who keep seawater organisms or creatures with higher temperature requirements are advised to purchase an external electronic temperature controller.
    (Get it from AMAZON: