TRU Nano Stainless Steel inFlow (with Skimmer) Outflow Mini Lilypipes for nano aquarium canister filter Aquascape

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The diameter of this set is Ø9.5mm (hose size should be 10mm), please check your filter hose size, it's easy to get hose converter locally.
Workaround: 8mm hose:
You may soak the hose into hot water and squeeze onto the ssteel in/out flow.
Workaround: 12mm hose:
You may cut the 10mm hose and take it as adapter between the 12mm hose and the ssteel in/out flow.
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US$65.90 - US$82.90

Made by high quality stainless, 3 sizes available - sold in set.
*Hose Size = 10mm (outer diameter, inner diameter 9.5mm)

This set is already comes with High Quality Holder (Clamps):

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3 Sizes Available: (Diameter x Height (mm)) | Aquarium Height (cm):

  1. Ø9.5 x 120 | 15-20cm
  • Suitable for the following Nano Filters:
    • TRU PVC: 90300 (S) & 90300X (M)
    • TRU Stainless Steel: 90304S & 90304M

2. Ø9.5 x 145 | 20-25cm

  • Suitable for the following Nano Filters:
      • TRU PVC: 90300 (S) & 90300X (M) & 90400 (L)
      • TRU Stainless Steel: 90304S & 90304M & 90304L

3. Ø9.5 x 170 | 25 | 30cm

  • Suitable for the following Nano Filters:
      • TRU PVC: 90300X (M) & 90400 (L)
      • TRU Stainless Steel: 90304M & 90304L

High Quality Acrylic version available here soon:

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